Friday, February 14, 2020

Raising Children in the Digital Age Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Raising Children in the Digital Age - Essay Example This essay describes the issue when television and the internet is being used in the schools, in social networking, and in the entertainment, cultural, as well as political arenas. Many children have become so engaged in using these media to the exclusion of others, and to the point where their dexterity in using these media have surpassed that of their parents. The researcher states that many concerns on the appropriate use of these media have been raised based on issues which relate to representations of sex and violence in the television as well as concerns on pornography and child endangerment. These concerns have prompted considerations on the implementation of age bans on the use of the television and the internet. Despite these concerns, the current age of globalization and information technology clearly manifest the benefits of television and internet use among children. With these benefits, children should be exposed to television and the internet and not be banned from usin g them until a certain age. Children should in fact be exposed to media and not be banned until a certain age. The researcher then concluds that although the internet and the television have inherent dangers, these dangers reflect more on the insufficient guidance which parents and teachers have on the children. It is also concluded that with adequate guidance and supervision, these children will be able to gain the information and the full benefits of these media without falling into the dangers or risks of internet and television use.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

ERP Story Write Up Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

ERP Story Write Up - Case Study Example ementation of the ABC software package but business processre-engineering.ABS is looking forward to merge its three entities; shell out old ways of doing business and adopt best practices in order to push growth of the company.ABC software package is only a helping tool in this process. In my opinion two things need to be done immediately – the first is that ownership of the project should be taken by business; IT person should only help as finally the business will not be done by IT persons. (Bernard Grabot) The project manager can be a person from the technical side but ownership of the project should not be with him, he should be seen as doing something which the top management wants. The news of the implementation and the final authority should be with a person who is well respected within the three firms and has a lot of functional knowledge about business practices of the three companies. IT knowledge is secondary in such business reengineering projects; even consultants can provide that. Lastly the project implementation team should be comprised of both IT persons as well as functional people from the three companies. This will ensure a proper implementation. (Bernard Grabot) Finally the presentation should contain success stories – various companies in which the consultants implemented ERP and how they turned around their business. Most of these stories should be from insurance firms as well as service sector firms. In order to choose the best project manager from the list which has been provided we will use the following grading rubric for the three prospects - functional knowledge, ABC implementation knowledge and experience; Project management experience; Change management experience (managing changes caused due to ERP implementation); experience of various technical systems (Bill Holtsnider) (needed in order to understand which legacy systems need to be preserved.)On the basis of the above points we will analyze the three candidates – By