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Euthanasi Suicide And Natural Causes - 1090 Words

Everybody at one time or another will inevitably have death knocking at the door. Coping with death is a very difficult concept to deal with. Dying comes in one of three ways: homicide, suicide and natural causes. Euthanasia consequently does not fall into one of the three causes of death, we consider it between homicide and suicide. There is no debate with regards to homicide, a person takes the life of another person. Similarly, suicide is taking your own life. Euthanasia falls somewhere in between those two. Let s mention a known name in the euthanasia field, Dr. Jack Kevorkian. Dr. Kevorkian is considered to some as a patriarch, here to serve mankind. Yet others consider him to be an evil villain, a devil s advocate so to speak.†¦show more content†¦For instance, Derek would not allow a person in deep depression to seek escape, using euthanasia. However, he is not against euthanasia for those who suffer from terminal illness or severe handicap (Humphry 17). Dr. Kevorkian is notoriously known for his mission to promote physician-assisted suicide. In his book â€Å"Prescription: Medicine, the Goodness of Planned Death†, he explains that it is ethical for the physician to assist patients to commit suicide because the patients are the ones who pull the trigger, not the physicians. Therefore, the patient is responsible for the consequences that follow (Kevorkian 48). For example, Dr. Kevorkian invented a device called Mercitron which was featured on the broadcast of â€Å"60 Minutes†. It injects solution to assist terminally ill people in suicide. However, the terminally ill person must pull the plug by himself or herself. Here is the process: The device is placed next to the patient s bed. Dr. Kevorkian will raise the patients arm vertically and insert the needle. The solution won t travel upward because of the gravity and air pressure that act on it. Once the patient is ready, he/she can lower the arm below the device and all ow the deadly chemical to invade the body. Mr. Youk, a 52-year-old man who suffers from Lou Gehrig’s disease asked Dr.

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Literacy Is The Definition Of Literacy - 997 Words

To myself, the definition of literacy is having the ability and means to read and/or write. Although this seems as though it is a stereotypical and common definition, I have found during the course of my life that this definition holds to be true to my personal being. When I was younger, I used to think literacy was simply the literacy book that we read out of during English class. The more that I grew, the more I realized that literacy was having the ability to read the book- not the book itself. While in junior high, my English course was referred to as a literacy course. During this course, we learned on what basis literacy forms. The teacher explained that literacy is not the words on the page; literacy is having the means of reading the words, and having the ability to comprehend what exactly it is that we were reading. Though this seems similar to cultural literacy, it is actually quite different. Cultural literacy is having the ability to comprehend and participate fluently in a particular culture, whereas literacy is just having the ability and means to read and/or write in general. I do not personally feel as though there was one single event that gave me a well-rounded definition of literacy or cultural literacy. Rather, it has been throughout the course of my education that brought me to my definition of what literacy is and how one acquires the abilities involved in it. Some say that there is a point in their lives in which they become â€Å"conscious† of literacy,Show MoreRelatedUnderstanding Literacy And Its Basic Definition922 Words   |  4 Pages Literacy is a resource that when allocated amidst political, social and gender constraints benefits society as a whole. Literacy by its basic definition is how one can read, write and communicate effectively with people. Beyond that, it’s about being competent in a subject area. For example, reading in a literate level means that a person is able to read fluently by pronouncing words correctly without many mistakes. Another form of literacy when reading, is when a person can read in public withoutRead MoreVisual Literacy And Its Impact On The Picture981 Words   |  4 Pagesfor many years and prey on our use of visual literacy. Visual literacy is the capacity to explain what we see through images and make meaning of them. The textbook, Visual Literacy: Learning to See, and Brian Kennedy’s video, Visual Literacy and Why We Need It, explains the definition of visual literacy differently. The textbook and B. Kennedy’s video both offer an intellectual clarity on visual literacy, but the textbook gives a more accurate definition based on today’s world, seeing as there is aRead MoreThe Impact Of Visual Literacy On Today s Technology913 Words   |  4 PagesImpact of Visual Literacy in Today’s Technology Why is visual literacy important in today’s technology and how does it affect our day-to-day lifestyle. As we walk about our daily, commute how does visual literacy compare and contrast in our stride. Can we describe how visual literacy reflects as universal language in our lifestyle? What does the impact of visual literacy have on the communication and global understanding of it as well? Visual literacy can portray itself through so many channelsRead MoreWhy Is Visual Literacy Important Essay764 Words   |  4 PagesWhy is Visual Literacy Important? Urayoan V. Rivera CGD 218 August 27, 2012 Instructor Vasquez Why is Visual Literacy Important? We can look at images and we are allowed to see and interpret and self-define what the image is. The image can be a drawing a photograph or even a textual display with a color background. We see these images on an everyday basis and at times we just take them for granted. What we don’t know until we learn is that its Visual Literacy. That every image thatRead MoreLiteracy As A Social And Cognitive Process1320 Words   |  6 PagesLiteracy is not simply being able to read and write. There are many different definitions of literacy for instance the NCTE states that Literacy is thought of as a purposeful social and cognitive process. Another definition by the IRA states that Literacy is the ability to read, write, understand, interpret and discuss texts. Empowering Literacy encompasses both of these definitions, but also includes the consideration that Literacy Empowers one to take control of their own life. Empowering LiteracyRead MoreEssay about Intercultural Communi cation 1725 Words   |  7 Pagesspecific community or group. Person must behave and act in ways considered right among this community or group. This essay ...... Forms of literacy There are variety criteria of literacy that have been explained by different intellectuals. These forms are functional literacy, cultural literacy, and critical literacy. Functional literacy denotes a level of skill in reading and writing that a person needs to cope with everybody adult life. It incorporates and correlates reading materialsRead MoreAnalysis Of Scribner s Article, Scribner756 Words   |  4 PagesUnit one was filled with many different varieties of literacy and different ways the author or narrator discovered them. From Knoblauch to Rose, the ideas of what literacy is and how different literacies can shape an individual’s writing were uncovered. All the text we were assigned can be split into two different groups: scholarly articles and personal narrative. The whole class was thrown for a curve ball when we were assigned Knoblauch for our first assignment. After rereading the material a fewRead MoreThe Role of Literacy in Society1032 Words   |  5 PagesThe role of literacy in Society Adult literacy is essential to the economics of modern nations. It is crucial to individuals to have proficient literacy skills to make a difference to their prosperity. In 2003 the National Assessment of Adult Literacy used the following as a definition of literacy: using printed and written information to function in society, to achieve ones goals, and to develop ones knowledge and potential. This definition does not simply mean comprehending text it includesRead More Are We Illiterate Essay1011 Words   |  5 PagesAre We Illiterate Literacy throughout history has been defined and redefined nearly as rapidly as new generations emerge. As we tread into the twenty first century, our generation moves to redefine literacy once again. However, unlike generations past, we are taking literacy and rapidly spanning it over new mediums that had been, until recently, unavailable. Advances in technology within the past twenty years have been so immense that the human race has literally packed up centuries of researchRead MoreThe Necessities For Living Are Basic Food, Water, And Shelter1115 Words   |  5 Pagesit doesn’t just affect the individual. The affects are passed down to the children, the communities, and finally it is passed to society as a whole. As the world changes, so does the definition of literacy. In the past, to be considered literate was a basic understanding of reading, and writing. In today’s definition, Americans need a more advance level of skills to function adequately in all areas of their lives. Reasoning and problem solving in the business market are more competitive, and the tools

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Difference Between Upload and Download Free Essays

Difference between Upload and Download Introduction In computer networks, data is always transferred from one place to another in order to accomplish various tasks. This can be easily performed using Uploading and Downloading. These are the two processes which are used for transferring data between a client and a server. We will write a custom essay sample on Difference Between Upload and Download or any similar topic only for you Order Now Uploading is the process of sending files including documents, pictures and videos from a client computer to a server. Downloading is the process of transferring files from the server to the client. Upload Uploading means that sending files from our local system to another remote location such as a server, over the network. For an example, if we want to build a website, we should upload the required files, images and other content to the relevant server where we host the website. When considering the Internet, every time we send a request for a web page using a browser, the data containing our IP address and the web page we have requested, is uploaded to the server where the requested page is available. The time needed to upload depends on the size of the file we send. Small text based files can be sent quicker than the larger music files, heavy video files, images or other large multimedia files. Most probably, uploading can be performed while doing other tasks on the computers. After uploading files to a server, it will be available for the other users, too. Download Downloading is transferring data or information from a server to our client computer. For example, the same files which have been uploaded to the server can be downloaded by another user to the hard disk of a local system. When considering the Internet, in order to view the content of a requested web page on a browser of the user’s PC, the web page content including the images are downloaded first from the particular server. The time cost for downloading a file depends on the size of the file. When the file gets larger, the time takes to download the file also increases. As these files are downloaded to a personal computer, only the user of the machine can access those files. Compare and Contrast Both Upload and Download are used to share the required data within a computer network. The primary difference between these two terms is that the direction of the data is being transferred. In uploading, the data is sent from our system to another remote system while in downloading, the data is received to our system from a remote system. So download is the reverse of the upload process. In uploading, there should be enough storage space in the server or other remote system to keep the uploading files. In downloading, there should be enough free space in the hard disk of our personal computer to save the downloaded files. In uploading, the files may be accessed by all the users who have access to the server but in downloading, the files can be used by only the owner of the local system, who has the interest for those files. There are some risks in use of downloading because some files available for downloading may come from untrustworthy sites and so they can harm our computers. So we have to be careful when downloading from unknown sources. How to cite Difference Between Upload and Download, Essay examples

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A Commentary on LSD Essay Example For Students

A Commentary on LSD Essay LSD (D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, or Acid for short) can be a wonderful psychotropic ally, and is probably the most versatile psychedelic known to humanity. Its effects vary from simple stimulation, like a cup of coffee, that can facilitate intense focus for 8ish hours at the 25mcg dose range (excellent for programming, writing, driving or listening to lectures) to a social, stimulating psychedelic in the 50-200 mcg range (great for dancing, concerts and walks in nature) to a frankly amazing, mystic entheogen in the 300-700mcg range (much more heroic than social, but great for communing with God/dess). Some people find that the intensity of the LSD experience tends to plateau at dosages over 500-700mcg, although its duration may continue to extend. When readily available, LSD is also one of the best value-for-money psychedelics around, usually going for $2. 00 per 100 mcg hit or dose in the SF Bay Area (often considered an epicenter for LSD production), although have heard of people paying up to $5. 00 per 100mcg elsewhere. These 100mcg dosages are fairly standard in the US these days, but are signifcantly less that the powerful 300 mcg per hit dosages that were reportedly common here in the Sixties. The lower doses per hit usually available to US psychonauts these days have probably significantly reduced the frequency of uncomfortably strong LSD trips. Today, LSD is commonly found soaked into colorful blotter paper (an artform in itself), although sometimes it is available dissolved in liquid (usually calibrated to 100mcg per drop) or dissolved in colorful, hardened gel when it is known as windowpane. It appears that the LSD-containing tablets of various descriptions that were around in the Sixties seem to be much less common these days. Regarding storage, it is very helpful to keep LSD in a dark, cool place for long-term storage as it is not one of the more stable psychedelic molecules. Purity is also important, and can significantly affect the quality of the experience (especially at high doses) so it is often a good idea to bioassay a new batch at lower doses to test the purity. Quad pure LSD (implying that the product is washed four times, as was said to be the practice of legendary LSD maker Owsley, aka Bear) is usually the best around, but three washes are commonly considered adequate, especially since yield is reduced with each wash. LSD synthesis is quite complex and generally requires a pretty professional lab and chemist to synthesize quality product. With moderate doses of blotter LSD, effects start to become noticeable within around half an hour after ingestion, and tend to rise to a peak around 2-5 hours into the experience. After the peak, the trip gradually declines in intensity until one is pretty much back to baseline in around 8-12 hours. The afterglow tends to last most of the following day and is usually described as quite pleasant. LSD can be quite safely mixed with many other psychoactives for a wide variety f fascinating experiences. The combos with XTC or 2CB (aka candyflipping) are especially enjoyable for social situations, and LSD also combines very synergistically with N2O and DXM for more intense, although relatively non-social, experiences. Many people also reportpotentiation of LSD after pretreatment with Harmala or Melatonin. Mixed reactions have been observed when combining LSD with MJ, so it is probably best to have a relatively straight sitter and a safe place to retreat to in case things get strange on this combo. The long-lasting duration of the LSD experience is also an excellent opportunity o get some deep metaprogramming work done, so it has some very interesting psychotherapeutic applications (see Stan Grofs fascinating research summarized in LSD Psychotherapy). Many people deal with the extended length of the experience by taking LSD just after sunset so that they are in the tail end of the experience as the sun is rising, which nicely completes the trip. A fairly well-established psychological phenomenon sometimes noticed by LSD users is known as imprinting. Nutrition in Mountain Biking EssayThis is a psychological process whereby being exposed to an event, thought or other experience makes an impression on ones syche. When the egos strength is diminished, as often happens during an LSD trip, one seems to become especially sensitive to imprinting, often on a much deeper level than usual. This can be helpful or not, so it is useful to be aware of it and to make sure the set, setting and company are optimal. It is also quite common for people to report that music perception is significantly enhanced while on LSD, so concerts and raves can be truly amazing and transformative events for the wide-eyed tripper, but it is advisable to have a relatively straight friend around as a designated driver and sitter. Also, paying careful attention to selecting music with a positive content is helpful to prevent unwanted negative messages from being imprinted. Although one rarely feels like eating while on LSD, and it is usually best to take it on an empty stomach, candy, fruit and sorbet do taste absolutely wonderful while tripping. Also, sensitivity to temperature is often diminished, and many report that sex on LSD is quite interesting with a trusted partner. 😉 Incidentally, the much-publicized LSD flashbacks are probably a myth, and even if real, may just be a normal tendency for humans to revisit any intense sychological phenomena. If they do occur, then perhaps many LSD enthusiasts would consider this a feature, rather than a disadvantage! 🙂 Strychnine-containing samples of LSD are also a myth, as are chromosomal damage and spinal fluid drainage with LSD usage. However, persistent tracers have been reported by a few people after excessive LSD indulgence (especially when combined with MJ), but they do not seem to occur at all with moderate usage which is often reported to actually improve visual acuity. As with most substances that are pharmaceutically active, LSD is probably best avoided ltogether during pregnancy, especially during the sensitive first trimester. However, at least one study seems to indicate that low, 100mcg doses do not appear to have noticeable negative effects on either mother or fetus. Tolerance to LSD builds quickly since those precious neurotransmitters (seratonin) can get depleted, so refraining from dosing more than once a week seems advisable. LSD also seems to be cross-tolerant with mushrooms. Also, due to the quick tolerance buildup and the seeming lack of dopamine involvement in its action, LSD is not consideredphysically addictive. In fact, it seems from ecent DEA literature that pretty much the only excuse the government could come up with for placing it in Schedule I was unpredictable effects. Interestingly, most LSDenthusiasts actually consider these a feature. 🙂 It also seems best to take LSD in a safe, private setting at least until one is used to its effects since it can make other people appear a little strange and can make talking coherently a minor challenge as ones thoughts are often tumbling over one another in a hurry to be expressed. Being in the company of someone tripping on LSD can also be a bit disturbing to straight people, (even f they dont know that one is on LSD). However, there is nothing quite like being in a crowd of people tripping on LSD. The energy is fantastic! Its also interesting that the elevated energy experienced on moderate doses may cause ones voice to take on a characteristic vibrato quality, possibly combined with nervous laughter. Knowing this, it is often possible to tell if someone is on LSD just by listening to them talk. Its a totally different sound from the slow drawl of mushroom eaters, for example. LSD has no established lethal dose in humans (although one researcher apparently id manage to kill an elephant with a huge dose of it. What a waste! ) and it is also generally considered to display remarkably low toxicity in normal dosages, perhaps in part due to its activity in such minute amounts. In fact, the literature reports that several people have each accidentally consumed as much as 5000 times the basic 100mcg dose (0. 5g) and survived with no noticeable long-term damage. A Destructive Society Exposed in Maggie Maggie Ess EssayFurthermore, LSD has the distinct advantages relative to many plant psychedelics of being virtually tasteless and odorless, being quite easy n the body, and being very easy to conceal. The pitfalls with LSD primarily occur when people resist facing the dark side of themselves, or letting go of their egos, or when they get into recursive negative thought loops, or when unpleasant things happen to them or when they want to come down before the experience is ready to end. As befits a true psychedelic, what is inside a person often comes out on LSD. However, while some people do keep Valium around to neutralize the effects of LSD in case things get uncomfortable, it usually seems best to just face what LSD helps reveal about neself, and be prepared to be stimulated and altered for a good 8-12 hours. BTW, engaging in dancing or other enjoyable physical activity is often a wonderful way to spend a trip or to bring an uncomfortable one out of the doldrums. Occasionally people will experience so-called Acid Indigestion on LSD, which is often easily alleviated by loosening tight clothing and by performing relaxation exercises. Some folks consider this minor stomach upset a symptom of psychological blockage, and many people never experience it at all. However, while being rather physiologically safe, the main risk involved in taking LSD besides the unfortunate fact that it is currently illegal) seems to be that real psychological trauma can occasionally emerge or occur under its influence. Hence LSD is not recommended (except perhaps in closely-monitored, therapeutic situations) for those with unstable or immature personalities, a strong attachment to their ego, pre-existing deep-seated emotional trauma, or a tendency toward mental illness. Nevertheless, given all of the negative press and propaganda about LSD, it is quite an eye-opener to take it for the first time and to experience its (and nes own) Divine nature, not to mention how inaccurate and biased the media portrayal of it is. As many people discovered in the Sixties, it is a common reaction to ones first LSD experience to wish that the entire world could experience this very special Divine gift to humanity. However, its helpful to be aware that even the most conservative LSD initiates often have to refrain from the temptation to dose their straight friends, since dosing anyone without their permission is just not considered ethical behavior among psychonauts. For those who are open to the experience, may the magic of LSD come your way!

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Amino Acids and How They Relate to Athletics. Essay Example

Amino Acids and How They Relate to Athletics. Essay Example Amino Acids and How They Relate to Athletics. Essay Amino Acids and How They Relate to Athletics. Essay By: Jayquan S Salmond Out of all the amino acids, 8 are classified as essential amino acids. The body finds it hard to combine them with other compounds at a normal level to assist in adequate growth. The 8 are known as phenylalanine, valine, threonine, tryptophan, isoleucine, methionine, leucine, and lysine. When the isoleucine, leucine, and valine are grouped they are called BCAA or branched-chain amino acids. 1/3 of the body’s skeletal muscles are made up of BCAA. Skeletal muscles are essential when the body moves. So they help the bones and joints all well. So, BCAA promotes the growth of muscle and the total repair of the muscles in the body after training. This is highly effective in athletes’ bodies when it time for weight training. This is effective in the strengthening and toning of the triceps, biceps, and forearms of a baseball or softball player. The BCAA plays the main role in fueling the muscles to exercise. A test is being run to see if there is a fact that BCAA reduce fatigue in the body. Without fatigue an athlete can go for hours a day effectively. So, athletics look at amino acids as a gold mind when it come to having a strong athlete, since it helps build strength. : Blomstrand E, Eliasson J, Karlsson HK, Kohnke R (2006). Branched-chain amino acids activate key enzymes in protein synthesis after physical exercise. J. Nutr. 136 (1 Suppl): 269S–73S. branched-chain amino acids  Food and Fitness: A Dictionary of Diet and Exercise. Michael Kent. Oxford University Press, 1997. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press. Apollo Group. 30 August 2008  Ã‚   oxfordreference. com/views/ENTRY. html? subview=Mainentry=t38. e286

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10 Phrases Youre Probably Saying Wrong

10 Phrases Youre Probably Saying Wrong 1. Prostrate CancerThis one goes hand in hand (er†¦ well†¦ goes along with) â€Å"anticdote.† Prostate cancer is experienced by thousands of individuals annually. Prostrate (note the â€Å"r†) has to do with being flat on the ground.   2. First-Come, First-ServeI know, I know, you’re probably well aware that it’s actually first served and it’s just verbal shorthand. But†¦ prove to everyone else that you know it, and you just might help them realize they don’t want to be asking the first people there to serve everyone else.  3. Sneak PeakFun with homophones! Peak, Peek, and Pique are three different words. A peak is the top of a mountain. A peek is a quick look (what you’re sneaking). And pique is what you storm away in a fit of, or perhaps something â€Å"piqued your interest.†Ã‚  4. Deep-SeededThis one sounds like it could be correct! Something planted very deeply as a seed would have roots and be hard to era dicate! But when it comes to language, logic is sometimes the great betrayer. What you’re actually thinking of is â€Å"Deep seated†, and it means firmly established.  5. Extract RevengeIf revenge were a potion and someone had stolen yours and you needed to retrieve it by squeezing, what you’d doing is exacting revenge.  6. Shoe-inThis is the location of your Birkenstocks, right? Because â€Å"shoo-in† is a guarantee.  7. Emigrated toIn this current state of difficulty for immigrants and emigrants alike, the least we can all do- I mean the absolute bare minimum- is to learn that you immigrate to a place, and emigrate from a place. Let the origin or the destination guide whether you emphasize it.  8. Baited BreathThink of it this way- what do fisherpeople use for bait? It all smells gross, right? You wouldn’t want that on your breath. But you might hold it for a minute if the bait got near you- in other words it would have abated. Thusly, ba ted breath is breath that is held in anticipation.  9. 10 Items or LessThis one drives me batty in checkout lines all over the country. Less is for liquids. If you can measure it by moving your thumb and forefinger closer or apart, it’s less. If it’s anything you can count (like the items in your grocery cart), for â€Å"not as many,† it’s fewer.  10. Over 50 billion servedThough we could parse who they’ve served and how well they’ve done it, what McDs means is more than. Think of the cow jumping over (i.e. above) the moon. She probably saw more than 50 billion stars up there!

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SEE THE ATTACHMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

SEE THE ATTACHMENT - Essay Example I was not an exception. When I read my first short story about our cat and his adventures, all the family was amused. They cited my ‘masterpiece’ for a long time after its ‘first publication.’ I was angry at myself for letting my draft paper to appear on ‘broad public.’ I thought I could never write any more, I could never let anyone into my world, I could never be so open. I viewed writing as opening myself to the world, sending some personal messages, letting others view very intimate moments of my life. However, afterwards I felt like sending personal messages and being open, despite overall amusement, my sloping lines and failing grammar, despite the mocks of my sister and my mother’s allusions to my famous trilogy. The adventures were in three parts. Despite all these I felt like being a part of this world and merging with it through sharing my intimate thoughts. At school I was a desperate writer. Well, I was not the best to write accomplished compositions but I tried over and over again to get my A. Sometimes, it looked funny when I submitted several tasks instead of one to my English teacher. Oh, my English teacher!!! I have completely forgotten about her. It is very strange how many hurdles a person has to meet on his path when at last getting an understanding that he is going the right way. My English teacher was not quite happy with my numerous assignments but she valued my efforts. She used to say that I think out of the box but write not to the point. I could not understand what she is talking about – ‘what point’, why ‘not’. Later I realized how hard she was trying to make me stick to the assignments. However, my line of thinking did not coincide with her scheduled assignments and I was writing whatever came to my mind. Looking back at some of my writing attempts I wonder how a child imagination could embrace the issues which some adults fail to notice during their whole life. â€Å"How to make my mother

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Summarize Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summarize - Essay Example Zaltman’s Theory and the Development of Zaltman Elicitation Technique (ZMET): â€Å"People give us only what we give them the opportunity to provide.† (Zaltman). Because of his marketing experience and interdisciplinary background, Zaltman was able to apply the idea that people respond with what is below the surface of language, thinking in pictures and memories when deciding what it is they want. He used his study in Nepal to support his theory, saying â€Å"Everything we see hides something else we want to see.† (Zaltman). With that in mind, he moved from the University of Pittsburgh in 1991, to Harvard Business School, where funding was provided for him to set up his ZMET site and staff it appropriately. ZMET â€Å"combines neurobiology, psychoanalysis, linguistics and art theory† (Pink, 1998) to bring out what people really feel about a product. Once this is established, then sellers have an additional, creative marketing tool. The example of the Nestl e Crunch Bar is a good illustration. The chocolate showed up as a metaphor for ‘time’, as the images provided related to the simple, easy-going days of childhood. The product brought back happy memories; this was the metaphor the ZMET process turned up. The same test discovered women’s feelings about wearing panty hose, that dogs were a metaphor for safety and security and that executives identified ‘customer-focused’ as â€Å"having integrity, caring about customers in an authentic way, being a company worthy of trust.† (Pink, 1998). Application: Zaltman’s projects are treated as individual tests, which have consistently delivered â€Å"metaphor-based insights† (Zaltman) He believed that the technique is not going to solve every problem for every company but that it does provide a creative addition to other market research processes. He pointed out that in the final analysis, it is up to managers to

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Alhajry English Unit 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Alhajry English Unit 4 - Essay Example Additionally, people get jobs but still prefer to further their education without inconveniencing their employers. Online learning thus comes in handy to such group of learners who tailor their timetable to their convenience (Wyldeck 22). The current increase in online learning has had myriad effects on both the learners and the learning institutions. Currently, universities strive to diversify their course and have online learning capabilities in a bid to tap on the global market. Additionally, learners have more convenience as they overcome some of the challenges previously presented by the need to travel to schools and classes in order to attend classes. They cut on costs but still obtain the same quality education (Wood 61). Part II: Contrast Online schools thus refer to schools that offer their services over the internet. Such schools have several similarities and differences with the traditional schools where learners would have to confirm their physical attendance. In both the schools, teachers have a definite curriculum that guides the nature of every course. The curriculum provides the concepts taught, the mode of teaching, the type of assessment and the duration of the course. The curriculum is therefore a fundamental tool in schools that helps facilitate the teaching and learning process. Additionally, in both cases, there are the learners and the teachers and the two maintain an effective interaction that improves both the learning and teaching process. Among the underlying differences between the two is that online schools do not require a physical address and physical classrooms since the teachers interact with their learners from different regions. The teachers thus interact with their students on the internet through video conferencing and share study materials through electronic mail services offered by service providers on the internet. The interaction among learners and their teachers is more intense in the traditional schools since the two h ave unlimited access of each other. Online schools on the other hand restrict interactions among the parties since they incur connection charges that may be costly depending on the prevailing policies in the different countries. Part III: Define I am an introvert, a personality feature that has caused me several opportunities since people do not understand me easily. Introverts are people who do not socialize easily with others. Unlike extroverts who would easily interact with others, introverts would always seek to win the trust of their colleagues before they begin constructive interactions. Extroverts therefore maintain smaller social circles but base heir interactions and social circles of trust and mutual understanding. As an extrovert, I demand a lot of attention from my peer. Unfortunately, not everyone I interact with will always have the patience to develop a relationship capable of developing trust (Upi?ts 11). Extroverts are not weak as commonly perceived given their with drawn personality, such people may exhibit shyness but they have strong personalities and often make good communicators. The personality trait results from the upbringing of an individual and may often depict low self-esteem. Parents should therefore develop their children from younger age by exposing them to

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Ticket Booking Indian Railways

Ticket Booking Indian Railways South Central Railway was formed on 2nd October, 1966 as the 9th zone of the Indian Railways. In its forty two years of committed service and path breaking progress, South Central Railway has grown to a modern system of mass transportation fulfilling the aspirations of the passengers/customers and carved a niche for itself in Indian Railways system. Strategically positioned in the southern peninsula, this dynamic organization with its headquarters at Secunderabad serves the economically vibrant state of Andhra Pradesh, Parts of Maharashtra, Madya Pradesh and Tamilnadu. From the days of steam hauled locomotives and wooden plank seats, South Central Railway has come a long way modernizing its system with the state of the art high powered Diesel and Electric Locomotives, high speed telescopic Passenger Coaches, and higher axle load wagons, higher capacity track in all important routes, multiple aspect color light signaling with solid state inter locking, and micro wave digital communication system etc. Over the years, South Central Railway has attained sufficient transportation output with adequate infrastructure development and technological upgrading to serve the regions in its jurisdiction. Safe operation of trains, expansion of net work, modern Passenger amenities, Punctuality of trains, courteous service and cleanliness in stations and trains remain always the thrust areas of this Railway. Being a service oriented organization, South Central Railway provided Computerized Passenger Reservation System at 85 Stations/locations covering 96% of the berths available. In the a rena of information dissemination to the rail customers, it has provided Inter-active Voice Response System (IVRS) for Reservation and train enquiry, National Train Enquiry System (NTES) for real time information on movement of trains, Passenger Operated Enquiry Terminals (POET) with information on availability of accommodation and confirmation and Close Circuit Television (CCTV) for real time reservation avail ability status at all important stations in its system. For mass movement of freight, S.C.Railway has introduced high horse powered Diesel and Electric Locomotives and high speed, higher Axle load Box-N-Wagons. Today, South Central Railway plays a pivotal role as a catalyst for agricultural and industrial development in the Southern peninsula apart from fostering the growth of trade and commerce including import/export through ports by connecting sea ports with their hinder land and inland containerdepots. Its reliable and comfortable Passenger Services for long and short distance travel by way introducing many super fast and intercity trains helps transform the society by catering their personal, business, educational and tourism purposes. Milestones South Central Railway was formed on 2nd October, 1966 by grouping Vijayawada and Hubli Divisions of Southern Railway and Secuderabad and Solapur Division of Central Railway. Jurisdictional adjustments were made in October, 1977 by merging Guntakal Division of the Southern Railway with South Central Railway and transferring Solapur Division back to Central Railway. Secunderabad Division was bifurcated in February, 1978 into two Divisions Secunderabad and Hyderabad to facilitate effective operational and administrative control. On 1st April, 2003, the newly formed Guntur and Nanded Divisions of South Central Railway became operational and Hubli Division was transferred to the newly formed South Western Railway. Presently, South Central Railway has six Divisions Viz., Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Guntur, Guntakal and Nanded with 5752 Route KMs of which 1604 RKms are electrified. After its inception, SC.Railway laid 342.805 RKMs of new lines, converted 2676.19 RKMs from MG to BG and carried out doubling of track on 1272.453 RKms, constructed many major river bridges including the engineering marvels Viz., II Godavari Bridge and III Godavari Bridges at Rajahmundry. Towards customer Satisfaction, it had established the Computerized Passenger Reservation Systems at 85 Stations/locations and offer reservation by any train from any station in the Country. For gaining efficiency in freight operations, SCR established Freight Operations Information System (FOIS) in its jurisdiction and has already introduced Rack Management Systems at 23 Stations and Terminal Management System at 31 Stations. Its Passenger and Freight performance has met with stupendous leaps forward. The freight loading which was only 9.00 million tons in the year of its inception, i.e., 1966 has seen a quantum jump and touched 44.79 Million tons in the financial year 2003-2004. Passenger transport too has met with tremendous growth touching 195.65 millions in the year 2003-2004 as against 50 millions in the year of inception and the gross earnings from Rs. 58.00 Cr. to 3683.00 Cr in the year 2003-2004. Purposes: Alvesson (1996) claims that a situational approach enables leadership to be viewed and studied as a practical accomplishment (p. 476) rather than starting with a conceptualization of leadership as whatever the appointed leader does. This approach seems particularly well suited to networking professionals in which technical knowledge needs to be shared. In this project, I will explore how the booking system is made via wireless network without facing the hassles unlike standing in queue and tickets can be booked from any places or stations. In particular, I will focus on how online booking from the technical perspective members influence the direction of the team as well as the relationships and identities of individual members and the identity of the team as a unit, and how their interaction is enabled and constrained by social and cultural influences (e.g., organizational culture, national/ethnic culture, and gender). Such a study should give insights into the working standards of the Indian Railways, an organizational form that is rapidly gaining in popularity and acceptance. Also, the study will test the usefulness of a perspective (the situational approach) that is underdeveloped in the leadership literature. Background: I will conduct my study in a team that is restricted within a particular Division within the City Council. IRCTC has several online reservation counters, each of which is responsible for online ticket booking within one geographical section of the city. This particular team includes four men and a woman. Three of the men are in their thirties and one in his early 50s; the woman is in her thirties. They are assigned to an area around City. They start each day with a brief (15-45 minute meeting) on an agreed upon site, often just gathering around the back of a truck for their meeting. I will attend these three mornings a week for four weeks, and will stay on to observe their work for approximately 20 hours during the four week period. My primary focus will be on their interaction in meetings, although I will also observe (and perhaps enquires about) interactions during their other work. Scope: I will engage in participant-observation over a six-week period, for approximately four hours per week. I will typically observe the morning meetings and stay for an hour or so to observe their other work. On some days I may come at other times of the day for comparison. I will not schedule structured interviews, but will interview member staff at the reservation counters informally, as needed to clarify and provide insight into specific conversations. Theoretical framework: I will be guided most generally by the interpretive perspective, and more specifically by Indian Railways staff based situational approach. The interpretive perspective places the focus on interpreting the meanings and perspectives of cultural members, and how these meanings are negotiated (Trujillo, 1992). I am exploring the meanings the sales staff and customers have for themselves as individuals and for their relationships, as well as the meanings sales staff have for the organization, group, and profession of which they are working 247. The situational approach directs me to choose one or a few specific interactions to explore in depth. Thus, an appropriate means of investigating the topic from this perspective is observation of conversation, plus interviewing the interact ants to understand the meanings they have for their symbolic interactions. Method: 1. Conduct a literature review on leadership and communication in SMTs. 2. Observe the group four hours per week for six weeks, focusing mostly on conversations at team meetings, especially those conversations in which the group addresses changes to their work processes and issues of team relationships and identity (ies). 3. Interview team members to clarify and provide insight into conversations. I will attempt to conduct these interviews shortly after conversations of interest. While the interviews will not be formal or structured, the kinds of questions I will ask include the following. The general strategy for the interviews is to start off with broad questions and follow up on the interviewees responses, to capture her or his meanings and to avoid imposing my meanings on the interviewee. a. Tell me about the conversation you just had with X. b. What were you thinking during the conversation? c. What do you think she/he was thinking? d. What do you think she/he was trying to do (or accomplish) in the conversation? e. What did you mean when you said, ? f. What were you thinking when you said that? g. What do you think she meant when she said ? h. When you think about what you did and said in that conversation, how would you describe yourself? 4. Undertake a situational analysis of the field notes and interview notes, guided. 5. Write a research report that combines my understanding of the relevant theory and previous research with the results of my empirical research. Timetable: Prepare proposal by 15 October Complete literature review by 30 October Complete fieldwork by 10 November Complete analysis by 20 November Give presentation on 4 January Complete final report by 12 January Limitations: Time constraints of the semester require less time than may be ideal for an ethnographic study. By being in the organization for only four hours a week for five weeks, there are bound to be aspects of leadership practice, organizational culture and team communication that will not be revealed during my observations. Being an outsider may also limit what is revealed to me. The team members may be guarded in their conversations around me, especially in my initial observations. Delimitations: I am choosing not to observe multiple teams, even though such comparisons might be valuable, in order to allow more depth of understanding regarding the group on which I will focus. Additionally, I will not use structured interviews in order to minimize my obtrusiveness and my influence on the team members. Literature Review: Indias Railway network being one of the second largest all over the globe and anybody can travel at anywhere places through the train services. However in terms of tourists who want to visit places do not have any special mode or medium whereby tickets could be booked easily. In most of the trains special seats are reserved for the tourists. Which simplifies that if all the seats are completely booked things are assured that this tourists get to seat till others havent booked up the seats (Bruyn, Venkatraman and Bain, 2006). This is one of the main information that needs consideration as any agent would not be able to book seats on anybodys behalf or can booked from the everyday booking window. The main challenge that lies in the reservation system is supporting a huge range of database for holding information. Indian Railways over years has been the most considered user of IT in India. When it was first introduced into the market computerized passenger traffic and accounting of rail ways, operating statistics, and payroll and inventory management was started through using computers paled at all regional zones (Kamel, 2006). The Computer based Passenger Reservation System (PRS) was introduced by Central for Railway Information System (CRIS) whereby passengers had the privilege of booking tickets through PRS which were found in all major terminals who have their own local database. In this kind of circumstances reservations only covered trains that departed from local terminals. But in the later phase when CRIS introduced Country Wide Enhanced Reservation and Ticketing System (CONCERT) that was developed with the intention to connect five passenger reservation centers from any station or terminal of the Indian Railways so that reserved tickets could be provided from any reservation counter (Kamel, 2006). Later all the PRS were attached together where by the system would have the capability of handling a higher volume of reservation every day. It was one of the mo st aspiring initiatives by the Indian Railways that reduced the passengers time in terms of being held up at the queue for a long period of time. But situations have shown that till now passengers need to move to the station to book their railway tickets. In India since train is considered as one of the most convenient mode of communication so information regarding bookings, train availability, journey fares, accommodation availability and reservation of tickets is the crucial factor for the general mass. Earlier methods like enquiry at the help desk counter, information gathering through TV or through radio were the methods used earlier. In due later phase when internet booking and ticketing services through the e-commerce channel it gathered sufficient interest to the general public. In this regard IRTC in collaboration to CRIS launched its wholly owned website (www.irctc.co.in). This venture changed the whole image of Indian Railways ticket booking system. This helped passengers to get hold of their tickets from the departure station to the destination station without facing the hassles standing in long queue at the railway booking counters. Any passenger at this point of time can visit the website at get their desired information regarding train timings and ticket availability. Later on getting the train details and the suitability in terms of travelling tickets they just needed to fill in the online application form which contained about the details of the journey. During the payment stage the user was transferred to a suitable payment gateway where they need to furnish the details of their debit/credit card at it was certified by the VeriSign. When the transaction was completed the passenger would receive an e-mail that contained the Passenger Name Record (PNR). In this new technological world Indian Railways are considerably looking to get started with the new technological phase of wireless technology. In the discussion as embarked that mobile services has been picking up on a massive scale for the last couple of years. In todays date around 7 million text messages are sent by Indian counterparts everyday life and nearly 80% of Indians use the facility of SMS in major counterparts (Dutta and Shridhar, 2004). Most of the service providers in India have upgraded their mobile technology from 2G to 3G service which has processing speed of high data connection mechanism. Nowadays mobile handsets have the facility of GPRS and WAP that are flooded in Indian markets. With respect to matching and catching up with this technological advancement IRCTC introduced the option of ticket booking via mobile handsets. In present scenario tickets can be booked via mobile phone through voice recognition system. This proved flexibility in terms of passengers w ho could get hold of the tickets of any places sitting in any corner of the world. The project implementation of online ticket booking through internet and telephone prompted other service providers like telecom industries and broadband service providers to enable the payment process through their own systems. Through this project it has shown that if consumers are provided the much needed comfort and flexibility depending on the indented products or service that would sell, consumers are always likely to adapt the technology in other horizons. The Electronic Ticket system (ETS) is specifically designed software through which passengers would have the flexibility through which railway tickets could be purchased through usage of smartcard. In this the payment is made via wireless network with the connecting computer system at the Railway Company which is itself connected through clearing house and a trust centre (Wieringa, 2003).

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Blue Swimming Crabs :: Fishermen, Malaysia, Bardawil Lagoon

Blue swimming crabs are an important source of income for fishermen in the Malaysia, also known as ‘ketam bunga’ or ‘ketam renjong’ in the name of the local. The high price and increased demands in among community will cause the over-exploitation in production of blue swimming crabs. In 2003, total landings for P. pelagicus were approximately 175,000 tons and decrease to 165,000 tons in 2004 (FAO Fish Stat, 2009). This decline from over-exploitation has an impact in some Asian countries (Ikhwanuddin et al., 2005). In Malaysia, statistics from Department of Fisheries (DOF) shows that the landings of P. pelagicus is 3514 tons in 2007 and increase to 4427 tonnes in 2008 but the landings is decrease in 2009 with 3057 tones. These declines total the crabs fishing at territorial water in Malaysia as an early marker of deficiency will the crabs in the future because of the increasing the catch and the damage of coastal environments, the amount of P. pelagicus is ra pidly decreased. However, P. pelagicus cultured are important from the beginning of the last decade because of high demand for live crabs and crabs products in the export market. Due to their fast growth rates to market size (Josileen and Menon, 2005) and relative ease of hatchery production (Walker, 2006), the aquaculture interest of this species is growing. Blue swimming crabs are of high value and quality, a profitable export markets in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan by Australian producers (Stevens, 1997) Now day, P. pelagicus are cultured for the production of the lucrative soft-shell crab market on recirculation and lined pond systems in Australia (O'Neill, 2003 and Walker, 2006). Blue Swimming crabs are not only popular in Malaysia but another country a lot of crabs caught along the Coast of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania (Chande and Mgaya, 2004), Bardawil Lagoon of Northern Sinai in Egypt (Abdel Razak et al., 2006), Park Bay and the Gulf of Mannar in India, the West Coast of South Australia in Australia (Dixon et al., 2008) and at Southern Trang Province of Thailand (Sawusdee and Songrak, 2009). An estimate of blue swimming crabs caught in the waters around southern Australia from 2007 to 2008 was 669 tonnes valued at $ 5,740,000 by Knight and Tsolos (2009). Blue swimming crab landings in India increased from 20,000 to 48,380 tons at 30 percent for years 1977 to 2005 (Samuel et al.

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Causes and Solutions to Pronunciation Problems

Causes and solutions to pronunciation problems12008815x , So Hee Kim Hong kong is one of the most preferred locations for international business in Asia Pacific, and is becoming more so. Naturally business English skills is becoming increasingly important. Business English skills can be categorized into three different parts. These parts are writing, presentation and communication. All are equally important, but this essay will focus more on commuicaition. To be be more specific, it will focus on pronunciation.For, when I first came to hongkong, I realized that people’s grammer and vocabulary is quiet good, but it is sometimes hard to understand them because of their pronunciation. Because relatively other aspects are quite good, I think that hong kong can increase their competitiveness in business English by focusing on this aspect. So, the following will cover the objective of the essay, the causes for the inaccurate pronunciation and the solutions. The objective is to look into how hong kong people can achieve an ‘acceptable’ pronunciation.An acceptable pronunciation is ‘ a pronunciation when other people can understand what he/she says and the speaker’s English is pleasant to listen to; in other words, the speaker is comfortably intelligible. ’ (James,2010) To be short, the pronunciation doesn’t have to be like a native speaker but just have to be understood comfortably. There are few factors that leads to the problem of pronunciation in hong kong, despite the early age the children start to learn English. One is the influence of their mother tongue. And the other is the way how pronunciation is taught in schools. Candice, 2006) There are lots of studies that proves that the first language have a profound affect on learning the second language (Carter,2001). In hong kong, their first language is Cantonese. And there are differences in phonology between Cantonese and English. First, unlike English, Cantonese is logographic. Because they learn their mother tongue in a logographic method, they might apply the same way when learning English. That is, they may learn apply visual recognition method when learning English words rather than applying the phonetic analysis method.And this can decrease the ability to link letters and phonemes, which can affect their pronunciation. Also there are differences in the languages syllable structure, sound inventory and prosodic patterns. (Catherine,2002) But the more pressing problem is the insignificant emphasis placed on pronunciation teaching. For these kinds of problems can be overcome with a good system. First, teachers should clarify the differences between English and Cantonese phonological systems.In a study, a research(Candice,2006) was conducted to students of hong kong to find out where the most frequent pronunciation errors occur and the reason behind this. The research showed that most of these problems occurred, because the students did not h ave a clear idea of the differences between the two sound systems. For example, the /l/ sound in Cantonese cannot be found in a word-final position. So most of the students in the research had a tendency to not spell out the /l/ when pronouncing ‘will’. Learning phonics in an appropriate method is also important.Phonics is teaching reading by training beginners to associate letters with their sound values. By learning phonics students will be able to read and pronounce properly. Recently in primary schools in hong kong, phonics has become a major component of the English language curriculum. But there still seems to be a lot of limitation concerning this. The most pressing problem regarding this issue, is that the knowledge base for teaching phonics is not established. So the teachers will have to work on finding a clear methodology for teaching phonics in secondary language contexts.For example, in a study the researcher suggested adopting awareness raising activities for phonics learning. (paul,2008) This means increasing student’s awareness to the general sensitivity to sound-spelling correspondence. This will increase their ability to notice and deduce the specific relationships themselves. This will lead to better performance of students in sounding out a new word from it’s spelling or spelling a word from it’s pronunciation. Also, teachers should make use of today’s technology.For example, there are so many good computer program for learning English pronunciation these days. The strong point of using computer software is that it allows student to repeatedly listen to what they want, and help them to learn at anytime, anywhere. And by motivating them to use these systems in their daily lives, they can help students develop independency in learning pronunciation. Pronunciations in English is important, in people’s daily lives and also in business society. Poor pronunciation can have a negative impression and also create prejudice against the person. saylor) So, in order to have a good communication skills in the business world, having an ‘acceptable’ pronunciation is a necessity. The main cause for pronunciation problems in hongkong can be found in the huge difference between their mother tounge and English. But by applying an effective English education system it is not a problem that could not be overcome.. As international business in increasing in hong kong, overcoming this weak point will have great effect on the nation’s competitiveness as the center for global businesses.References. 1. http://www. ehow. com/about_6636066_importance-english-pronunciation. html 2. An analysis of Hong Kong native Cantonese Form Three students’ problems in English Pronunciation. ( Chiu Kik Ling Candice,2006) 3. Teaching Phonics through Awareness-Raising Activities (Paul Sze, 2008) 4. Learning to read English among Chinese Children (Rebecca Treiman) 5. The Significance of Pr onunciation in Engilsh Language Teaching (Abbas Pourhosein Gilakjani, 2012)

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Seeking Out a New World †English Essay

Seeking Out a New World – English Essay Free Online Research Papers Seeking Out a New World English Essay Have you ever looked into the skies at night and just wondered what was out there? If there were other races, just trying to live as best they could, or others, trying to claim every planet available before someone ever could get a chance. Have you ever just wanted to leave this planet, in hopes to find something better? All my life I’ve been interested with space and alien races, the stars and their planets. I’ve always wanted to fly around in space, experience zero gravity. To me, it gives me a sense of freedom, free from Earth. Free from everything. I’m sure by now, you’re wondering what I’m talking about. All I’m saying is that, some day, we will be able to do these kinds of things. Sometimes, I will start thinking about the future, and I see it as a type of Star Trek, just not to that extent. Someday, not any time soon, but someday we will get bored with our own system and will want to explore farther then we’ve ever done. NASA will build an interplanetary ship, instruct a crew, and launch them up in to the deep reaches of space, in hopes that we will find something useful. Now, I’m sure, by then, if we don’t change our ways soon, our beloved Earth will be lying on its death bed, just waiting, if it hasn’t died already. So I’m sure, NASA will be looking for another planet we will be able to live on. For most people, this will be a good thing, but the way I see it, I’m sure there will be some environmentalist protest groups trying to ban the whole thing: â€Å"We told you the planet needed to be saved, did you listen, no. Now you’re just going to find another so you can trash it!† And then there are the religious groups: â€Å"Heathens, The Lord is never going to agree with this!† But, who knows, they might not have enough political power to really stop anything, so they might just take things into their own hands, like the protest groups did with the abortion clinic bombings. And of course there is the hippie group that doesn’t want other civilizations to be interfered with. And of course once this group is brought into the world, it will cause a political battle about â€Å"what a civilization consists of.† Could it be a planet full land animals, or must they have a spoken language, some form of intelligence. And who are we to decide, â€Å"They’ll never be smart.† But once the debating and arguing are over, one of two decisions will be made: One, it loses all together, and we can invade any planet we want, regardless of who was there first, with the mind set: We need it, now! Or two, â€Å"Finders, Keepers,† if we find an occupied planet, we’ll just find a different one. Now, if we do find a planet, and it’s supporting life so we give our self’s permission to land there. Are we going to live with them, side by side? I doubt it. I’m reminded of the time Europe found America and completely dominated the new land, ridding it of most of the natives while converting the few they kept. Now, if what they say about history repeating it self is true. Then I sure we’ll kill off the weakly race of aliens, until we realize what we’ve done, put them on the endangered species list, and let them live on reservations with just enough room to build a casino on it. That’s one thing humans are good at; messing thing up and fixing them at the last minute so it looks like they care. Then of course, there is the case that we might piss someone off. What if we take some planet that looks empty, but turns out to be someone’s summer resort; like when the birds migrate south to warmer climates. And, of course, the owners of the planet come back to see we have just made ourselves at home, thinking it’s in empty planet. Naturally, this will upset them just a bit, so they’ll just start shooting with out asking questions. The media gets a hold of this and twists it around, so it looks like they just came out of the red sky (or whatever color the new planets sky is) and just shot us up for the hell of it. Well, the people of Earth will eat this up, because they believe everything on TV, start some protest group, gather up some political power and start a war on these so called â€Å"bullies Now, I’m sure, if there is another race out there, there are more then one. And I’m also sure that they’ll be watching. But their media is better then ours so they’ll know the whole story and get pissed, ally up with all of the other races, and come over and kill off Earth with the logic, â€Å"It will be better for every one.† And it’s done, I once thriving planet of well educated human and now become a race of drifters all on account of a select few. But of course, that’s the way society works now a days. Okay, now I know I’ve been talking about he down side of space travel in the whole paper, but that’s just was comes to mind with I think about it. Now I’m sure it will be this great and wondrous concept, but if we don’t do it right the first time, we may not have a second change to do it again. We need find some way to make a peaceful first contact, a way to show that we mean no harm; we just need a place to stay. I’m sure, once we have established that, then, and only then, will we be set. Research Papers on Seeking Out a New World - English EssayBook Review on The Autobiography of Malcolm X19 Century Society: A Deeply Divided EraPersonal Experience with Teen PregnancyHip-Hop is ArtThe Hockey GameQuebec and CanadaWhere Wild and West MeetCapital PunishmentEffects of Television Violence on ChildrenCanaanite Influence on the Early Israelite Religion

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Click, and Facebook revises privacy by Tim Dick

Click, and Facebook revises privacy by Tim Dick The text is Click, and Facebook revises privacy by Tim Dick. The article discusses the issue of privacy on the Internet taking Facebook as a bright example of how your interests and activity can be revealed to other users of this global social network. According to Veer (2010), privacy concerns exist among all people that use the internet.Advertising We will write a custom critical writing sample on Click, and Facebook revises privacy by Tim Dick specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The internet that facilitates sharing of information is exploited by unscrupulous users. Email and Facebook users are some of the countless victims of the deplorable state of privacy online. Facebook has set up various measures to guard against the breach of privacy which is a fundamental right. However, the entity has performed poorly with regard to this aspect. As such, Facebook has been a recipient of massive criticism for its failure to uphold and guard pr ivacy. It is true that Facebook seems to be failing in its efforts to secure the users’ private data (Veer 2012, p.150). Social sites ought to protect their users’ information from online predators and sniffers whose key objective is to use the users’ information for their selfish gains. In social sites, massive data is at risk owing to such malpractices. Warfel (2008) attests that social sites contain a lot of personal information. Such information should be secured so that no one without permission has access to it. Breach of privacy would have countless repercussions such as identity theft and defrauding. The article fails to highlight some of the implications of security lapses in Facebook. Privacy is the major concern in the article. Nonetheless, Facebook seems to treat such a concern lightly yet it pertains to colossal amounts of private information. Thus, as stated in the article, Facebook says privacy and the trust of its users are important to it. We d ont share information we receive about you with others, it says, with three large exceptions: when it has your permission, gives you notice of its intentions or passes on your information without identifying you (Dick n.p.). Privacy should be the chief concern for Mark Zuckerberg who is constantly reassuring users of the safety of their data. Nevertheless, many stakeholders question Facebook’s efforts to secure the privacy of users’ information (Warfel 2008, p. 7).Advertising Looking for critical writing on communications media? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Facebook’s attempts to secure its users’ information have entailed creating a system which allows the users to make a list of people who can access their information. According to Abram (2012), online predators have the capability to bypass such a system set up by this organization. In addition, an Australian critic has made allegat ions that the entity had been analysing trends based on the information posted by Facebook account holders. Such analysis would enable Facebook to forecast certain trends that can give them an advantage over their rivals. Information based on the above analysis would have a massive business value. This has been a key trigger of privacy breaches on Facebook and other social sites. The assertions made by the article are valid since Facebook has about 800 million users. If information is power, than analysing information from the Facebook would precipitate massive information with great business value. Furthermore, the social site presents a massive pool of social site users who can be victims of various unscrupulous schemes perpetrated by criminals (Abram 2012, p.70). The article paints an accurate graphic of the current state of privacy on Facebook and other social site. The entity seems to be distracted by its monopolistic rivals. These rivals, such as Google, are making massive rev enues. Hence, Facebook seems to be overlooking grave matters as it enacts features aimed at out-doing its rivals such as Google. The rivalry among these entities has triggered innovations that characterize the social sites sector. Nonetheless, vital concerns have been compromised in this rivalry. Facebook should prioritize the privacy of the users’ information. Thus, Facebook should build systems that can secure the users’ data. In conclusion, the article highlights privacy as the key concern in social sites by providing adequate factual information. References Abram, C 2012, Facebook for Dummies, John Wiley’s and Sons, New Jersey. Dick, T 2011, Click, and Facebook revises privacy, The Student Modern Herald. https://www.smh.com.au/technology/click-and-facebook-revises-privacy-20110930-1l1cr.html.Advertising We will write a custom critical writing sample on Click, and Facebook revises privacy by Tim Dick specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Veer, V 2010, Facebook: The Missing Manual: The Missing Manual, O’Reilly Media Inc., California. Warfel, E 2008, Perceptions of Privacy on Facebook, Rochester Institute of technology, Master’s Thesis.

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MIS project for Virginia Tech University implementing the Wimba Research Paper

MIS project for Virginia Tech University implementing the Wimba Virtual Classroom Technology - Research Paper Example In addition, it has been observed that lecturers have been using the virtual classroom for synchronous class periods and office hours as it has multiple uses which include the ability to access and to share information simultaneously from different locations, a tool for audio-visual phone calls, and a medium for retrieving and delivering online lectures. It provides prospects for the students in real time communication with the classmates and lecturers. Correspondingly, the objective of the paper is to explore a discussion relating to the implementation of Wimba Virtual Classroom Technology in Virginia Tech University (Martin & Parker, n.d., Clark & Kwinn, n.d.). Blackboard Inc. lately made acquisition of two of the best providers of collaboration learning and synchronous learning which included both Wimba Inc. and Elluminate Inc. This collaboration resulted in formation of Blackboard Collaborate that is a newest platform for providing educational solutions. This collaboration pursues innovation at a greater extent in meeting the ever-growing requirements of collaboration and synchronous learning with continuous integration support of learning management systems and open sourced application. As a result, it can be affirmed that Virginia Tech University should develop a kind of plan which focuses on successful implementation of virtual classroom. This can be done effectively if inquiry based learning and student centered learning approaches are incorporated in the university to make it interactive, which might be a part of broader blended solution for learning. The plan also should include designing the class in such a manner that the Wimba V irtual Classroom uses a blend of learning activities such as reading, assignments and undertaking of e-learning that is self-paced. Moreover, the result and objectives of the class undertaken must also be considered, along with activities used in these classrooms that ensure reinforcement of learning. In

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Business to Business Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Business to Business Marketing - Essay Example TCL needs to review its marketing mix strategies in order to have a competitive advantage in the market and make its business sustainable in future. The various changes in the marketing mix strategies that could be helpful for TCL to achieve its objectives are as mentioned below: 2.1 Product Strategy For every marketing strategy of a company the starting point is its product. One cannot set the price or plan for the distribution system of the product without having the knowledge about what product they are offering. Product here refers to both products and services which the company has in offer (Gitman, & McDaniel, 2008, p.295). TCL is a SME which is engaged in the business of providing wide range of services to its clients. Their product or service offerings include mainly four services. They are Media Services, Advertising and Marketing Services. Apart from having its own production unit, TCL also outsources most of its production to another company namely, ‘PJW Media Produc tion’. Hence TCL has a wide variety of products and services in its offerings. Now since TCL is a small business unit with limited workforce its product strategy would be more effective if it concentrates on having a small product line. After narrowing down its product line, TCL should develop the products or services which are highly specialised in nature. It would help TCL to ensure that it provides its customers a service package which is unique in nature (Brock, et al., n.d.). Hence it would be beneficial for TCL to gradually cut down on its product line and concentrate more on those services which are profitable to them and have competitive advantage over its... TCL is a completely service based company situated in Cambridge. The company is running a small business and has a limiting workforce. The recent economic condition had an adverse effect on the performances of the company. The sales revenue of the company has gone down significantly. TCL should look into this issue seriously and various reforms are necessary for the sustainable development of the company in future. Firstly it needs to address its marketing mix strategy. Regarding the product strategy, TCL should think of reducing its wide range of services and concentrate on specialising some of its core services which they are specialised at. Next regarding its pricing strategy, TCL must be flexible in its pricing strategy to cater to the current expectations of its clients. The company should utilise its website to a greater effect for the promotion of its business. Since TCL is a core service agency, public relationships are vital for its development and growth. Developing strong relationships with its clients and forming a strong business network is quite necessary for TCL. Next, the company should think of structuring and developing an effective sales force to boost up its sales and creating strong relationships with its clients. Hence, TCL’s current primary focus would be retaining its existing clients and adding up new clients to its customer base.

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My Familys experience with cities over the past three generations Essay

My Familys experience with cities over the past three generations - Essay Example Who could have blamed them Over the past sixty years, Santiago has seen numerous political rebellions and battles which finally lead to a nearly twenty year dictatorship. If my mother finally decided to move to the United States, it is, to my opinion only because of me and the opportunity she had for all of us. Wouldn't we have been there, she would have remained in Santiago. In this essay, I will present the ties my family and I have to our cities and explain on what they rely and their differences. I will try to show that even though we were all born and raised in the same place, our point of view at the same age - 20 - were totally different and the way that we have lived our lives there reflects it. We will see that the city is a My Grandmother, Liliana Domingo, was born in Santiago, Chile in 1942 and since than has been living all her life there. In 1962, at the age of 20, she was working at a local hospital as a nurse. That year marked the fourth anniversary of the president's Jorge Alessandri Rodriguez election. He was promoting foreign investments and free enterprise. The political developments were easily seen in Santiago and often noticed by my grandmother. She started nursing more and more foreigners who were visiting the country for business. It was this people who participated to the modernization of the city. She soon began to think that maybe one day Santiago will become an international city just like London, Paris or New York. These believes helped her in her everyday life which was not so easy. As both a working woman and mother she was busy 24 hours a day, barely finding some time to rest. She woke up very early in order to prepare the entire family, went to work, on her way back did the groceries and finally took care of dinner for all. In the meantime her Santiago was changing. The tramway nearly disappeared, leaving the empty space for buses and trolleybuses. She found it amazing as she never could take the tramway to go to work and spent an hour walking to the hospital. When the buses arrived, it took her only twenty minutes to go to work as the bus was passing just in front of her house leaving her just two blocks away from the hospital. Buses and Trolleys were principally of European origin. As she recalled treating European patients, she was proud in believing that she helped, in a certain way, create this new system of transportation. This is what Santiago was for her, a sort of haven. Though she spent most of her time working at the hospital or at home, she found it much more easier now because of all the new transportations available in the city. Her opinion was that this is the kind of means that a city has to put up in order to make people's life easier and more pleasant. Electricity, water and gas were now available to everybody. Schools, universities were spreading. It was alike a new city was being built just on top of the new one and an extraordinary quantity of opportunities at the same time. Santiago, in 1962, according to my grandmother was an example of modernity combined with a respect of a good and decent way of living; I believe even before my mother reached 20, that my

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Euro Disney Case Essay Example for Free

Euro Disney Case Essay The success of a business, especially immediately after establishment depends on various factors. Branding and goodwill form some of these major factors. It is worth noting that branding points to the value that customers attach to a given product or service and is often informed by their experience or perception that they have about the name as well as the known history of the producer or the service provider. A business on the other hand enjoys goodwill if it uses a brand name whose reputation has already grown and this growth is not only depicted at local level but both national, international and even global levels. Despite enjoying the fore going, EuroDisney did not perform well during its first year of operation for various reasons. Factors That Contributed to Euro-Disney’s Poor Performance during Its First Year of Operation At the outset, the hotel rooms were so much overpriced and to such an extent that staying overnight was out of question for most of the families around. In addition, poor marketing strategies which were very evident at the time as well as their ill advised source of funding from French banks were all to the EuroDisney’s disadvantage. To add to the bargain was the fact that an unforeseen combination of transatlantic airfare wars and currency movements often boiled down to trips to places like Orlando being cheaper while good weather was guaranteed and beautiful Florida beaches were within reach in Orlando. It therefore bears noting that all these factors as well as the ethnocentrism and negative publicity given by the hostility from the French people against the Disney idea right at the projects planning phase, greatly affected the performance of EuroDisney during its first year in operation (Keegan Green, 2002). The role played by ethnocentrism in the story of Euro-Disney`s launch Ethnocentrism is defined as the tendency to believe and perceive one’s cultural or ethnic group to be centrally important than all others. This is evident in the launch of EuroDisney with French visitors staying away while projections had it that they would make 50percent of the attendance figures. The French perceived the EuroDisney in a very different perspective, as depicted this was viewed as American imperialism. They clung to their culture, and as the article puts it, French culture had its own lovable cartoons and characters that included the Asterix, the helmeted and a pint-sized Gallic warrior which EuroDisney did not provide. As a result of the hostility among the French to the Disney ideas as evidenced at the planning of the EuroDisney project, there was a bad publicity that was given about the project to the various stakeholders (Keegan Green, 2002). Why the experience in France was not transferable to Hong Kong Though the EuroDisney had a nasty experience in France, the knowledge and experience acquired may not be transferable to China’s Hong Kong. On the same note, the experience in France was purely informed by cultural difference between Americans and the French. Needless to say, the case may not be the same between the Chinese and American people. It is however notable that Business experience is usually transferable only if it is informed by business related concepts such as the forces of demand and supply which is not the case in EuroDisney. Lastly, owing to the differences in size between the Disney in Hong Kong and that in France, the effects of decisions may as well be considered to be well out phase with each other. Reference Keegan, W. J. , Green, M. C. (2002). Global marketing management. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

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Analysis of Thomas Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Analysis of Thomas Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night by Dylan Thomas Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Though wide men at their end know dark is right. Because their words had forked no lightning they Do not go gentle into that good night. Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay, Rage, rage against the dying of the light Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight, And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way, Do not go gentle into that good night. Grave men, near death, who see the blinding sight Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay, Rage, rage against the dying of the light. And you, my father, there on the sad height, Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray. Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Dylan Marlais Thomas, a Welsh poet known for his creative, rhythmic and original using of words and imagery, is one of the greatest Welsh poets in the early 20th century. In one of his most famous poem Do not go gentle into that good night, the author classifies men into four different categories to persuade his dying father to realize that no matter the life choices, consequences, or personalities, there is a reason to live. It is possible that Thomas uses these categories to give his father no excuses, regardless of what he did in life. Through multiple unique figurative statements of death and different people, Dylan Thomas assert that one should not die silently or just quit the life easily. Instead, the elderly should fight for their life till the end. Thomas used exhaustive method to make his opinion persuasive to his father. To show the universal relevance of his theme, the author created four different perspectives in his poem. They are the wide men who know that the cores of their lives are not knowledge and intelligence, the good men who become conscious that their good deeds won’t define their identity, the wild men who feel regretful for their shallow youth when they reach the old age, and the grave men who are exemplified in the fifth stanza â€Å"Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight/ Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay.† Men who are at the end of their lives realize that their physical disabilities can’t stop them from remaining strong or pursuing joy. Though all four men lived unalike lives, at the end of their lives, they come to the same conclusions: they should not base their identities on their youth, and they can live a wholesome life in their old age. To make his father emulate those four types of men, Thomas uses unique metaphors to create a representation of all the men. Thomas begins by invoking the wise men who, Because their words had forked no lightening they/ Do not go gentle into that good night(4-5). The wise men Thomas speaks of refuse to resign to their fates as dead men because they have not yet accomplished what they set out to do. Thomass lightening is a representative metaphor of the goals set forth by the strong that serve as motivation to continue living robustly. By idolizing these wise men, Thomas implicates that he desires his father to emulate them; to press on toward anything that may at least give him some purpose besides waiting complacently for death to lower its scythe upon him. Thomass use of other men as examples of a desired state for his father is repeated through each stanza of the poem. In Thomass third stanza, he invokes the merits of Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright/Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay(7-8). These good men strive endlessly to make their mark on the world, unsatisfied with their subjectively frail deeds until finally death catches up with them. These men rage against the dying of the light (9) because they have not yet met their goals, much like the wise men proceeding them. This passion for improvement and strength to persevere are exactly the qualities that Dylan Thomas begs his father to put forth, for Dylans own sake as much as his fathers. Other than for all men, the author also use metaphor for other objects in this poem. The use of the metaphor â€Å"that good night† (1, 6, 12, 18) gives the impression that Thomas knew that death was right. He calls it that good night instead of another ghastly term for death. However, he also calls it â€Å"the dying of the light,† (3, 9, 15, 19) which suggest a peaceful surrender. He urges his father to rage against a peaceful end and endeavor to resist his demise. Thomas uses the words night and light as metaphors for death and life and alternates them to hammer home his point. Part of this poem seems to be almost a light hearted when he declares â€Å"Old age should burn and rave at close of day,† (2) almost as if saying old people should be allowed to live long and complain as long as they do not give up. The purpose of his use of division into categories remains, however to emphasize the importance of living, leaving his father with an unmistakable argument †¦choose life. Finally, in the last stanza the intent is presented, Thomas is showing that all men no matter their experiences or situations fight for more time. He urges his father to do the same. â€Å"Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray,† (17) describes his pain and passion that are causing him to beg his father not to die. Thomas is watching his father fade and is begging for his father no to give in. It appears that his father has either peacefully surrendered himself, or rather that he has resigned himself to his fate. Other than rhyme and metaphors, Dylan Thomas also use personification to make his statement more vivid and touching. For example, personification is used in line 8, â€Å"their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay.† Frail deeds are not human beings, so they cannot dance actually. However, the verb â€Å"dance† is so energetic that it makes a high contrast with the word â€Å"frail†. Through the using of the word â€Å"dance†, readers can feel the good men are fighting with their destiny to the last moment. Besides, the word â€Å"green† also brings a feeling of life and vitality. Generally, the personification here successfully shows the effort and the determination of the good men, which gives a wonderful model for Thomas’s father. In line 10, figurative language is used, â€Å"wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight.† Later in the poem, â€Å"fierce tears† (17) is an example of assonance. Lastly, the poet describes blind eyes by using a simile, â€Å"Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,† (4). The poem evokes intense emotions from the reader, by using repetition and a variety of poetic devices. â€Å"Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night† is merely words sculpted together in a specific way to stress how death needs to be repelled because it is unfair and takes the best with it first. Mastermind Dylan Thomas encountered a way to flash colorful images through readers’ minds, along with symbolism and metaphors which foreshadow what he really means. That, plus his way of intertwining the pieces together into nineteen lines with ten syllables each makes this villanelle a wonderful work to read and comprehend. Thomas’ purpose was to convince his dear father, the man whom he looked up to, to fight, because the effort meant everything. Reading this passionate and driving poem, â€Å"Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night,† will provoke excitement and meaning to seniors who seem to have lost all reason to live.

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Lady Macbeth- Character Changes Throughout The Play :: essays research papers

To metamorphose ones character through years of experience and age is salutary. To deteriorate ones character through a short period of fast decisions and unsure actions is perilous. Lady Macbeth proves the truth to this theory. The impulsive mistakes and power-hungry tactics littered the journey Lady MacBeth paves throughout this play that ultimately ends in her death. She feels overwhelmed by all that is happening, both physically and mentally, and decides to end her own life. The Tragedy of Macbeth, by William Shakespeare illustrates two seemingly ordinary nobles whose lives intertwine in a whirlwind of power, corruption, and the supernatural resulting in their descents. They were both so wrapped up in this greedy world they failed to consider the consequences of their actions more realistically. Macbeth started to succumb to the belief that deeds "must be acted ere they be scann’d,"(III.IV.140). Lady Macbeth in particular loses sight of rationality from the play’s beginning to end. She feigns an image of ruthlessness and believes she can handle the intrusion of unearthly evil in her mind and soul. She presents a seemingly stable foundation of control in which she clutches with an iron fist. As Macbeth becomes less dependent on his wife, she loses more control. She loses control of her husband, but mostly, of herself, proving her vacillating truth. Lady Macbeth’s character gradually disintegrates through a false portrayal of unyielding strength, an unsteady control of her husband and shifting involvement with supernatural powers.Throughout the duration of play Lady Macbeth’s truly decrepit and vulnerable nature is revealed. Lady Macbeth has been the iron fist and authority icon for Macbeth, yet deep down, she never carried such traits to begin with. This duality in Lady Macbeth’s character plays a huge role in planting the seed for Macbeth’s downfall and eventual demise. At the beginning of the play, Lady Macbeth is introduced as a dominant, controlling, heartless wife with an obsessive ambition to achieve kingship for her husband. Her weak, sheltered, unsure and unstable condition is only revealed at the end of the play. However, the audience begins to see hints of this hidden nature by the manner in which Macbeth addresses her. Contrary to her supposed ruthless nature, her husband regards her as a pure being. He attempts to shield her from foreign agencies by saying, â€Å"Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck,† (III.II.45). It is only in private that Lady Macbeth shows her weaknesses.

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An Experience I Will Never Forget

The day was near, it was ten days for the concert, and all the days I asked my father for permission and the money. One day after he was saying the same thing, my father finally said â€Å"yes†, and he gave me the money. He told me that it was the gift for my birthday. I was so happy and I immediately called my friend for saying about the news. The next day we bought the ticket and only were for the big concert missing two days. We couldn’t believe that we would be in the most waited place, so on Saturday November 26th; we never thought that in few hours, we would sing all the song of our favorite band. My friend and I were so excited but when we were on the subway, almost arriving to the â€Å"Auditorium†, the subway was overcrowded and we were so nervous. When we arrived to the â€Å"Auditorium†, we sat in the chairs, and we were waiting for the band to go out. The lights turned off and all the auditory screamed like crazy people for the band. The orchestra began to play one of my favorite songs. Peep, the singer appeared in the scene. That moment was so awesome and exciting for me, and the entire place was singing each one of the songs. The singer said the surprise of the night; it was that they would record a CD with DVD of the entire concert. I was so crazy for the big news and my friend began to cry.

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The first major experiment on conformity The WritePass Journal

The first major experiment on conformity Introduction The first major experiment on conformity IntroductionReferences:Related Introduction Conformity is defined as the act of matching attitude, beliefs and behaviour to what individual perceive as normal of their society or social group (Wikipedia ). Conformity is something that happens in everyday life. People conform because they like to be in a group or to go along with the group or society. This is the reason why we see same fashion, taste of music, movies, cars and many things of similar choices. So can we imagine a life without conformity? And what are the reasons of conformity. There are many reasons of conformity such as   normative social influence, informative social influence and social role conformity. The psychologists in the past have done researches on conformity. For example, Muzafer Sheriff (1938), Asch (1951), and Philip Zimbado (1973) had conducted experiments on why people confirm. In addition   Kelman (1958) identified three types of conformity. Compliance a type of conformity when people conform due to the views, opinions and beliefs of their fr iends or society. Internalization a type of conformity when one confirms to match a group and   Identification   a type of conformity when one adapts to a new behaviour of a group’s   view both privately and publicly. The first major experiment on conformity was done by Sherif (1935). He did an experiment to study the conformity. He wanted to see why people conform. With the use of auto kinetic effect, he asked the participants to look at the stationary spot of light in a darkened room in which small movements of the eyes made the light move. First, the participants were tested individually and then later in small groups of three. The answers were different when asked in individual   about the movement of light .Even so, when they were put in the group they ended up with similar answers to each other. This experiment showed that people conformed when in an ambiguous situation. They tend to seek informations and answers from others. However, this experiment was a total artificial situation so lacked ecological validity. The situation was unlikely to come across in everyday life. Moreover, there was no definite answer for it On the other hand, Asch (1951) conducted an experiment on conformity to see why people conform on an unambiguous situation. He   criticized Sherif’s experiment and suggested that the experiment had no definite answer .Asch `s experiment in contrast had a definite answer to the Sherif`s experiment. For this experiment, he participated seven people (confederates) whom were already told about the   behaviour beforehand, whereas one who was the real participant (subject) was not known about the experiment and believed that the others were also the real participants. The task was very simple to compare the line X with others A, B and C lines. Each participants were to deliver the answer aloud.   On each trial, the real participant was asked at last about his opinions on the lines. Asch found that the subject showed the influence by the majority and gave the wrong answers on average of 37% .74% at least conformed once and 26% never conformed. After the post experimental interv iew he concluded that people go along with the views of others for different reasons. Similarly, in 1980 the exact experiment was repeated by Perrin and Spencer with chemistry, engineering and mathematics students. In contrast to the result of Asch’s experiment ,conformity was high on only one trial out of 369 trials. So Perrin and Spencer (1980) suggested Asch study as â€Å"Child of its own time.† Asch’s experiment was   artificial as it was unlikely to come across in everyday life. And it was done at that time when Americans were high on conformity. In addition all the participants were males as the wider population was   ignored Philip Zimbado (1973) also conducted an experiment to see how people adapt to new roles of guards and prisoners. At that time in America, there were many reports of brutal attacks on prisoners by guards. So he was interested in finding out why the guards behave in such a way, was it because of the   sadistic personalities of the guard or   due to the environment of   the prison. The experiment was conducted on the basement of the Stanford University so was known as â€Å"Stanfords prison experiment†. For this, he selected   twenty- four students to become prisoners and guards, and he became the superintendent. He wanted to make the situation real so the ones who became prisoners were arrested with handcuffs and were put in the prison. They were given   prisoner’s uniforms and were referred by the numbers where as the ones who were guards were given military uniforms and were equipped with wooden batons and mirror shades glasses. The stimulation became so real that the guards became brutal   and sadist so the experiment had to stop in six days, which were rather planned for two weeks. From this experiment, he came to the conclusion that people conform to their social roles especially if the roles were strongly stereotype as the prison guards. The student who played the guards was not brutal before. After the post experimental interview he found out that people enjoyed the power and that the role had strongly influenced their behaviour and attitudes. Nevertheless, the experiment had important ethnical issues as the prisoners were mentally and physically tortured. Importantly mock prison was different from the real one, and the students were role playing. Apart from those reasons of conformity, there are various factors that influence the conformity .We humans are very complicated animals with lots of individual differences. Conformity also as well differs in individuals, and are influenced by many factors such as cultural, historical, gender, group size and so on. According to social psychologist culture are of two types, individualist culture such as of American and British and collective cultures such as of Asian and African. In individualist culture people tend to view oneself more   individually where as in collective they tend to view themselves as the member of   a group or society. So conformity tends to be high in collective cultures compare to individualist cultures. Historically, in 1950s Americans were high on conformity. It was the time when Asch conducted an experiment on conformity. Some studies have also found gender   differences in the conformity and found that higher conformity in women than in men. However, E agly (1978) suggested that the sex differences were due to their different social roles. Another important is the group size. Conformity is found higher in groups of three to five. On the other hand, conformity highly decreases when there is a lack of unanimity. When the tasks are more difficult, people are more   likely to conform as they seek others for information and answer. In addition if the person is knowledgeable he may stick and believes himself and may not go along with the group so are low in conformity. In conclusion, conformity is going along with the group for different reasons at various situations. It is something that dominates our lives. It happens everyday, and we cannot run from the fact that conformity exists in a society. In short it is about our society and the interaction we have in our society. It is neither   good nor bad but sometimes conformity is helpful sometimes not. Besides there are many types of conformity such as compliance, Internalisation and identification. Psychologists   had done various researches or experiments on conformity and different findings ,opinions and criticism were made. Sherif, Asch, and Zimbado have fairly justified the experiments. However, these things are unlikely to come across in everyday life. Besides, conformity is   influenced by factors such as cultural, historical, gender, type of task, size of the group and so many other factors. References: Michael W. Eysenck (2008) AS Level Psychology, Fourth Edition. East Sussex: Psychology Press Ltd. Mark Holah. Conformity. Available:http://holah.co.uk Last accessed on 19/04/2011. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/conformity McLeod, S.A (2007) Simply Psychology [On-line] UK Available: psychology.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk Accessed on 19/04/2011.